Health insurance
for your cat

Insure your best friend

This is how you prevent unexpected high healthcare costs

Your cat is not just your buddy, he is truly a family member. And that is why he deserves the best care in the world. Because cats can also become ill or have an accident, resulting in an expensive visit to the vet. With our cat insurance, you are insured against unexpected high medical costs. This way your cat gets the care it deserves, and we take care of the vet bill. Sounds good, right?

Our Pet insurance

Every pet is unique, as should be your insurance. That’s why or insurance is tailor-made, you select your own: reimbursement, annual coverage and deductible. You don’t need to worry about what’s covered, we made sure of that. Do you want a little extra coverage for you pet? That’s possible by selecting 1 (or more) of our additional insurances.

We've got you covered

Additional coverages

Take care of your pet

We cover the costs for preventive castration or sterilization. The maximum reimbursement for a cat is €150.

We reimburse treatments of the teeth up to a sum of €500 per year.

Wanderlust? Take your pet! We reimburse treatments as a result of illness or an accident abroad up to a maximum of €1.000 per year.

Why we're the best choice for your pet

Our insurance is different because we work with vets. This is because we love pets just as much as you do. We have now grown into the largest pet insurance company worldwide.

Frequently asked questions about cat insurance

Veterinary costs can be high and that puts an extra strain on your wallet when they are also unexpected. With cat insurance, you can take out insurance for your cat for the most unexpected medical costs and get the care it needs. You also avoid paying the entire vet bill yourself.

Cat insurance is just like health insurance, but for your cat. It is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended by veterinarians and breeders. With cat insurance, you are insured for a low monthly premium for the most common unexpected medical expenses of your pet.

Cat insurance costs on average between €15 and €40 per month. There is no general fixed amount because the premium is based on the age and breed of the cat.

Yes, all ages are welcome 🙂

A cat costs on average between €400 and €500 per year. That is not to mention the extra costs you incur when your cat gets sick. And believe us: if you are insured, you will save a lot of money when your cat needs medical care. Vet costs can be quite expensive.

From European Shorthair to Persian cat: every breed of cat is welcome! This also applies to crossbreeds.

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